New Orleans was the only city invited to bid on the 2024 Super Bowl and has been working to meet the NFL’s criteria since November and is now readying a presentation that will go before the league’s owners on Wednesday for approval.

“It’s subject to the vote and the whim of the owners,” Cicero said. “We feel good, but it’s not a done deal in any way shape or form. We feel good because we’re not bidding against a new stadium where we lost the last two, and we know what we’re doing.”

Cicero, who was standing at his computer to keep an eye on a major event bill coming up for a vote, walks across the room and sits at another table surrounded by four chairs from the Final Four, a reminder of all the work that he, Sam Joffray and the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation do for the city. There’s a reason he was watching the vote so closely. Despite bringing events like both the men’s and women’s Final Four, the College Football National Championship and Wrestlemania here, the NFL hasn’t held its showcase event in New Orleans since 2013 despite the location being a favorite of many people in the leaguue.