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My last post on Miles until the show at 3pm tomorrow at onwww.espn977.com

(shamesless plug)
For those still on the I cant believe it crowd..look at the wins crowd..he is a good man crowd.. You are all correct 100% until this year I have never called for the man to lose his job..but…do some homework. They haven’t been the same since they walked off the turf in the national title game vs Alabama. Every year the SEC losses were adding up,not just bama but the record vs ole miss and arkansas. A passing offense that was in the 100’s in cfb. All while having top 5 recruiting classes, the highest paid coaching staff in college football, the best player in college football, and the most players in the nfl from your team yet no sec or national title to show for it(since Bama title game). Oh by the way being the highest paid employee in the state of Louisiana. Les miles is a good coach, Les Miles is a better man.. This was one hell of story but every story has an ending.

Sean Fox